Monday, January 4, 2016

Paper Hearts

Sometimes just the simple things can make a statement at a party.  I found these lively fun inexpensive printed strips at Hobby Lobby right before the Valentine's holiday.  If you were looking to do this and these strips were not available, I think it could still be acquired with scrapbook paper.  I found some scrapbook paper with a rose print and think this would be so pretty done in paper strip hearts and pearls.  The heavier stock papers work better.  Word to the wise though if you buy this particular item pre cut... the sticky area to bring the two ends together really did not prove "stick worthy," and over night they "popped apart!".... so after a good majority of them "popped" I decided to staple the two ends together.   I will find additional enjoyment with these at parties when I need to add of loving touch, such as birthdays & anniversary parties.  Call me crazy, but after Christmas... I don't like to give up my lighted tree (mine is artificial with the middle of the tree visible).  So I take all of the Christmas ornaments off and turn it into a Valentine's tree!  Since the snow is still outside (yes, I live in Wisconsin!) I feel it still feels appropriate to have my tree up but decorated for the Valentine holiday.  I also have a vintage looking feather tree that I use on my kitchen island, and after Christmas, I also turn that into a Valentines Day tree!  At Target, I found some garland in an arrow theme.  I liked them but the garland was not doing it for me, so I turned them into individual ornaments.  I'll include a picture of that tree as well.